about gauri 

Gauri is an experienced facilitator of practises to enhance the being, whatever age. Understanding the deep benefits of mindfulness, emotional awareness, connection and acceptance Gauri has integrated a mountain of experience to centre and empower beings to be in their full potential. Gauri works one-to-one with Tantric Therapy and with groups of adults and children, working with mindfulness and introducing many other diverse intimacy and connection practices, she is based in Somerset, UK. Gauri feels strongly about bringing people together into circle, into togetherness. Feeling the call to bring this depth as much as possible into the next generation and into our culture, Gauri works with young people through mindful movement, creating the possibilities of a more conscious world of self awareness on all levels, heart based connection, self empowerment, relaxation and trust. 

She is spreading love and openness in all that she does focusing on healthy emotional release, self love, self acceptance, depth of presence, body awareness and relaxation. She does this through guiding people to explore sensation and space inside the body, beyond the usual physical boundaries, as well as bringing them into their hearts for a deeper intimate connection (primarily with themselves). Gauri has a unique ability to work fully from a space of love and acceptance. Forming deep bonds of trust to guide adults to overcome unconscious blocks, and guide children not to form them and instead become their true selves with tools to help them be on top of their choices and to trust themselves to live a life of deeper meaning and purpose. 

Since completing a 500 hour intensive teacher training programme at the esoteric tantric school - Agama Yoga , Koh Phangnan, Gauri facilitates transformational experiences through integrating the deep intimacy of tantra, the awareness of physical and emotional mindfulness, with love based psychotherapy techniques.

Gauri has been exploring Tantric practices through intense yoga, meditation, dance and self study for more than 7 years.  She has participated in various Tantra workshops, Women's circles, and trained in depth with Swami Vivekananda-Saraswati in esoteric Tantric practices of Agama yoga (up to Level 10 of the Agama programme). Gauri lived in the Agama community for more than 10 months, exploring not just the depths of discipline through yoga, pranayama and meditation practice but how to integrate it into an everyday lifestyle. Teaching and receiving teachings, exploring sexual tantra, open relationships and unconditional love, and training in tantric massage. Gauri experienced profound heart expansion and a huge shift in self love, she flowed through a powerful rights of passage, experienced many ecstatic states through devotional song and dance, and dived into the internal silence of the heart throughout this time. Gauri is experienced in Hridaya meditation and Laya yoga meditation practices, and participated in numerous meditation retreats including a 26 day Mindful Meditation Buddhist temple retreat involving 15+ hours of meditation a day.

Gauri explores conscious dance practices and movement meditations in her own practice daily. Her journey began with a deeply profound experience in a tantric retreat working with the practice of Latihan (comes from Osho) 5 years ago. she immensely enjoys exploring connection and intimacy through contact improvisation dance, 5 Rhythms and natural movement sessions, finding peace and liberation through her embodiment, and the depths of sensations of release, bliss and love which that can bring. Gauri has trained in the conscious dance practice of Soul Motion with Vinn Arjuna Marti through various workshops. This particular conscious dance practice has really spoken to Gauri's heart, providing a structure in which to share presence and connection through bringing together movement , awareness, emotional release and ceremony. 

Gauri has also been exploring shamanic traditions and ceremony for many years. Exploring profoundly transformational medicine work and sharing in circle, finding such deep connection and intimacy with family in every circle she becomes part of. Gauri has been blessed with the teachings of Petr Malik through his year long course Transformations, which she has completed twice, once individually, and once with her partner. This work is integrating shamanic healing, tantra, and family constellations. Gauri has worked profoundly on accepting her vulnerability, integrating the power of this on her ego - Daring to be herself fully, transforming to the liberation of her witchery and surrendering to the ongoing journey of connecting to her eternal soul. Tegwyn Hyndman is another powerful force in Gauri's journey, providing a space for deep connection to spirit guides and ancestral supportthrough the 7 Arrows course Gauri completed earlier this year. 

The integration of such open exploration of healing and becoming has given Gauri such depth of experience, she feels deeply connected with divinity and wants only to share such depth of connection with those around her. Gauri has a magical presence and works very intuitively.  Gauri connects naturally with younger people and uses every opportunity to do so, she taught children's yoga throughout her time in Koh Phangnan (children from western countries) and whilst volunteering in different schools and orphanages in India, helping her to develop her own programme of mindful movement to be delivered to younger people here in the UK. 

Gauri is a free spirit, focusing on helping people to open and connect through the heart and soul, she spreads love, joy and wisdom in all her interactions, full of enthusiasm she naturally inspires and holds a deeply healing space for people to experience themselves. Resonating strongly with the energy of Tara, Gauri (meaning white and pure) sees her mission is to share accessible practice's for enhancing as many beings as possible into living their full potential in Love and Harmony. 

Gauri offers-

Naked Journeys sessions fortnightly in Glastonbury.

Private sessions in Tantric Therapy in Glastonbury.

Mindful Movement for young people 

Gauri previously studied Psychology to degree level, providing a foundation of intellectual knowledge of the development and workings of the human mind and behaviour. Gauri went on to work at Broadmoor hospital (a high secure mental health hospital) for 2 years as a Therapy Assistant. Working in a specialist unit for Dangerous and Severe Personality disorders. Working in this environment, Gauri had the opportunity to learn and experience the extremes of personality, gain an incredible understanding of how the personality is formed and connect on a heart level to what some might call the darkest of energies manifesting in the human being. Gauri's patients were mostly sex offenders and Killers of some form and were deemed too unsafe to be released after serving their life sentence/s. The system itself felt like the hugest challenge to Gauri when working with these deeply wounded people. The natural nurture of Love and trust that had been so lacking in the lives of these poor souls, and so so deeply needed in their ability to heal and shift any of their wounding was not something that could ever be found for them within the system of law and punishment.  The polarities of human existence will continue to be a great mystery. As much as the experience was hugely beneficial for Gauri, finding the compassion and acceptance to move away from this energy was also a great lesson on the path to finding deeper self meaning and purpose. 

Gauri's approach to therapy is through Loving unconditionally, providing a held space to understand and practice intimacy, physically and emotionally. Support is there to go into a space of true reflections and experience yourself free from judgments and fear. Going into feeling more in the present moment, opening to deeper sensations/relaxation in the body, and deeper loving connection to self and other.