Continuum Doula

gauri is passionate about holding space for families to transition into parenthood together, supported and nurtured. Honouring the right of passage into new life with new responsibility and new experiences. gauri is there to be a witness to your experience, to hold the outer bubble of your transitioning family, another layer of love for your incoming baby to feel safe and held as they join you here on earth. gauri offers a strong trusting relationship throughout your transformation, she offers to help you to make clear informed choices about your birthing experience and to be there as a consistent, safe and resourced energy of support.

As a Continuum Doula a deeper journey for a longer time is offered to families. Six meetings of 1.5 hours are spent together antenatally from whenever feels right for you. On call service and support throughout the birthing experience for all the family. As well as another 6 meetings of 1.5-hours, spread out however is needed, postnatally, to continue to support all the family to adjust and overcome any potential obstacles. With this package a consistency is achieved which is often not present through other services that come through the current NHS system. A deeper sense of safety and holding comes with the stronger connection that occurs.

As a Continuum Doula Gauri doesn't want to influence you or have any bias around your birth choices. Gauri will support you in knowing your choices and hold the time and space you might need to feel sure. Through her soft and gentle approach, Gauri will listen, and hold you however you need to be held as a family, through this transformative time in your lives. 

Gauri asks you to imagine her as the greater 'hug' in the Doula role - the hug around the Partner hugging the Mother and the Mother hugging the Baby. Holding an outer bubble of Love. 

Gauri works with families in Frome, supporting all types of birthing preferences. If you feel called to working with Gauri as your Continuum Doula, please contact her here to arrange a meeting. Whilst Gauri is in the mentorship phase of being recognised by Doula UK she is charging a reduced rate.