Deeper Connection for couples

Gauri is currently on maternity leave, still taking enquiries but not holding any sessions until at least june 2019. 

"Though it was a group environment,  Gauri put us at ease with her warmth and sense of humour,and I felt very comfortable dropping into an intimate place with my partner. We were introduced to some beautiful practices, like eye gazing, which has led to a number of wonderful experiences for us since the session"

deeper connection sessions are for couples to come together with the shared intention of giving time to their relationship, to tune into each other and feel their connection to each other on all levels, sharing physically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually with awareness. A given space for seeing, listening and being in connection together. exploring sensations of love, and whatever might be blocking that love. An introduction and practise of tantric union. the merging of meditation and touch, breathing and being, giving and receiving. this may be an opportunity for couples who are struggling to find time for each other, its a way for couples to continue to deepen their journey together, and to bring that attentive energy back into their relationship if children and life have taken over.

these sessions will help to increase honouring and respecting each other, sexual attraction, appreciation, compassion and understanding of and for each other, clear and honest communication will be practised and improved, awareness of sexual energy and how to play with it together, deeper presence and connection to yourself and your feelings, increased relaxation and calm in your relationship, increased pleasure and sensitivity with yourself and in connection to your partner. There doesnt have to already be any problem in your relationship, this can be just to enhance and existing beautiful connection.

Deeper Connection for couples sessions are available privately with Gauri or within a group session offered fortnightly in Frome, Somerset.

Group sessions will be intuitively held and boundaries for each participant will be shared so each session may present very differently from another, depending on how open participants are feeling. We will gather in circle for a session of 2 and a half hours. 

We will be working with a tool box of - authentic sharing, boundaries awareness, guided meditation into relaxation and deep awareness of the body, listening and feeling inside the body (and outside), staying centred inside ourselves, eye gazing, eye gazing with speaking out expression of feeling, eye gazing with breathing, Family constellations practises of walking towards and feeling, naming, acknowledging, feeling and releasing emotion, holding each other with intention, conscious touch, connecting to intuition, energy exchange of giving and receiving, practising the sensations of both these aspects of ourselves, deepening into what that means, inviting the experience of sexual energy beyond desire, allowing all sensation and permission of everything you are, breath work, tantric exercises, nakedness (only if that is comfortable for all participants). One or many of these tools may come through any given session. Emphasis will always be on self listening and being with whats happening for you - you will always be welcome to find your own way with whatever is being guided.

Private sessions will be intuitively held, and there will always be time for sharing boundaries and creating intentions together in the beginning. You will be invited to surrender into connection together, using one or many of the above tools.

Working on bringing deeper connection into any partnership is a way of allowing the relationship to continually evolve and not become dependant, complacent, mundane, and sex-less. It is hugely healing, and greatly needed in this time of transition into redefining what relationship can be, as our hearts open to deeper experiences of love and joy, and we take responsibility for healing the deep wounds between the masculine and feminine from our culture. 

Group sessions will be fortnightly on Tuesday evenings 7-9pm.

The next sessions will be-  Tuesday 6th March | Tuesday 20th March | Tuesday 3rdApril

 Please be in touch for location details.

Group circles for couples in Frome - Exchange £30 - £40 sliding scale per couple.

If you would like to join please contact Gauri with your experience and intentions.

If your relationship is on the edge of breakdown, it is invited to participate in both Deeper connection sessions  as a couple and Tantric Therapy sessions separately with Gauri.

Private sessions for couples are available in Glastonbury and Frome - Exchange £160 per 2 hour session per couple.

If there are concerns about the cost but you are feeling deeply called to this work, please still contact me and we can discuss it.