breast massage for women

Gauri is currently on maternity leave, still taking enquiries but not holding any sessions until at least june 2019. 


"I Loved your breast massage, it was so nourishing, I still felt it for days and days after, it also had a very healing affect on my womb. Absolutely super stuff. "

Gauri's open heart, open mind and will to support others in their journey of healing and growth instills loving trust into her sessions. I felt safe in the space and able to settle into presence with her, being gently guided and deeply respected throughout the experience. Her intuitive nature, dulcet voice and ability to adapt to her clients needs makes her an ideal therapist, I would recommend her to anyone."


breast massage is an opportunity for women to feel nurtured and honoured. it is a way to give back to yourself, time to connect deeply to your feminine essence, relax and receive. it can be a way to release sexual trauma, freeing from the ingrained conditioning of the breats being seen as sexual objects. It is also an opportunity to work with your connection to your breasts, your body, your love and respect for yourself as a beautiful feminine being. the breasts have a deep connection to the heart and the soul. tender, loving touch of this area promotes heart opening and energy flow around the whole body. Just present holding of the breast in stillness is an experience of support and nourishment to the heart. Breast stimulation can also help to balance the hormones, so therefore help with pmt, menopause, fertility. the breasts have a natural connection to the sexual energy, naturally activating the flow between the vagina and the breasts - an opportunity to get in touch with this experience, connecting to sensations of energy moving inside the body. the sessions promote female intimacy and comfortability of sisterly connection, sending out a ripple of love and connection between powerful women, empowering the feminine energy of the planet.

Gauri's experience of working with women and breasts particularly began with her time in the Agama community in Koh Phangnan, Thailand. Gauri was part of a Shakti group, meeting weekly, where many connecting exercises were practised. During the 21 day Tapas (set daily practise) of the female Rights of passage she journeyed through giving and receiving breast massage to each other and to self which took up 20 minutes a day (there were many other exercises within the tapas too). This experience was so powerful for Gauri, she could literally feel her heart opening more and more and the depth of safety increasing in the presence of her sisters. The profound difference was obvious in her romantic relationships immediately she was attracting a different kind of man, that could really give her what she needed- an energy had really changed to help her be able to receive love. Gauri has continued to share breast massage with friends, was through the Naked Women's Circle and now still through Tantric Therapy sessions with women, but is making it a separate offering so it is more accessible, as it really is so simple, and so healing for the feminine.

This offering could be a beautiful introduction for women to work with and experience tantric practise. A way to connect to yourself on a deeper level through the safety of the feminine presence, softness and nurture. You really deserve it! 

There will be some time for an initial sharing, and attention given to the whole body to deepen into relaxation and surrender to receiving into the heart. 

Breast massage is offered in the safe heavenly space of Gauri's therapy room in Frome.

30 minute / 45 minutes / 1 hour sessions available.

Exchange- £35 per 30 minutes.

Please contact Gauri to arrange a booking.