naked journeys

"I had not consciously been in search of any spiritual guidance when earlier this year, purely by chance I first encountered Gauri Algar. The Naked Journeys she offers are completely different from anything I had previously encountered. Gauri has shown me the passion in awareness, the sincerity in silence, and the peace in breathing. Gauri surrounds herself with a unique aura of unconditional love and instinctive understanding, in a safe, tranquil and warm environment. The sessions have truely opened up my conscousness and helped me feel happier with myself and become a more balanced person. I leave each class with a deep feeling of joyful bliss, and a renewed sence of physical and emotional wellbeing"

John Burbery

In these sessions, we will use the practices of meditation, authentic movement, somatic's, breathing, journeying, and ritual. With emphasis on our journey as naked beings (optional) in an intimate safe space of sharing ourselves as authentically as we can. An attitude of self ownership and transparency is required. Encouragement is on feeling everything, not necessarily labelling it, with the openness to expressing our experience however we may want or need in the moment. Embodying emotion, allowing for release, trusting in the power of our intention and presence. Co-creating that presence of love and acceptance for ourselves and each other to feel safe to connect and Be together. A type of Intimacy training. 

There will be guided movement and stillness, and connection exercises, but these sessions are very intuitively held, with opportunity for discussion as a group any topics that may be affecting participants. You are given an opportunity to be fully accepted and loved however you are, you just need to bring your self. You are guided to release any stress and tension physically, energetically, emotionally and mentally through various different techniques, so you can fully relax into your heart but this is a simple practice. The intention is there to tune in deeper to our higher selves and see what experiences comes through for us, which will be different for everyone. This space is also open to exploring how we integrate our experience into our daily lives, understanding how to live conscious and liberated lives every day through every interaction. A certain openness and ability to surrender is needed. 

The invitation is there to explore nakedness in a group, but if you don't feel like it there's no pressure to take any clothes off at all, you can absolutely still experience the intimacy of the group. 

These sessions will be on Thursday Evenings at 6.30-8.30pm in Glastonbury. A Suggested Donation of £20 is asked.

2018 dates - January 4th / January 18th / February 1st / February 15th / March 1st / March 15th

Please don't let anything like finances hold you back, speak any concerns so options can be discussed.

Please contact Gauri directly for more information and to arrange your attendance. Location given upon booking, advance payment via PayPal or bank transfer is preferred. 

*It is required to bring your own yoga matt, or blanket/ serong/ towel to sit on.