Pregnancy Group

Offering a unique service to help women move into motherhood. 

A way to honour the right of passage of pregnancy and childbirth

get the sisterhood support every woman needs during this massive transition

Pregnancy group is a facilitated women's group for pregnant women through to early mothers.

An opportunity for women to meet to share their experience and explore supporting each other through a number of different therapeutic tools.

In this society the transition from Maiden into Mother is not acknowledged or respected. Through having a closed group we share, connect and prepare together, honouring the phases of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood.

This supportive environment intends to help each member process their emotions related to becoming a mother/the experience of childbirth/looking after a newborn, release tensions, prepare their body and mind for natural birthing/breastfeeding, feel unconditionally loved and accepted throughout the life change, release energetic blocks being passed through generations around childbirth and parenting, provide therapeutic tools for deeper inner connection, relaxation techniques. 

Much research shows that stresses around this time in mothers can hugely affect the babies wellbeing so this support will have beneficial affects for the baby too. Baby is very much a part of this so time will be spent on honouring their journey too.

The pregnancy group meets for an hour and a half every fortnight. Based in Frome, Somerset. 

The next group will start Winter 2019.

Please make contact early by clicking here to help bring the group together.