"I found it easy to tell Gauri the sexual trauma which happened to me in my youth, and has been a black cloud in my mind and a block in my body for years, Gauri is warm and understanding. I have found deep healing without emotional imbalances. Gauri is absolutely amazing with her healing love. Thank you."

"Though it was a group environment Gauri put us at ease with her warmth and sense of humour, and I felt very comfortable dropping into an intimate place with my partner. We were introduced to some beautiful practices, like eye gazing, which has led to a number of wonderful experiences for us since the session" Anonymous

"I Loved your breast massage, it was so nourishing, I still felt it for days and days after, it also had a very healing affect on my womb. Absolutely super stuff."

" Gauri's open heart, open mind and will to support others in their journey of healing and growth instills loving trust into her sessions. I felt safe in the space and able to settle into presence with her, being gently guided and deeply respected throughout the experience. Her intuitive nature, dulcet voice and ability to adapt to her clients needs makes her an ideal therapist, I would recommend her to anyone."

"Gauri is so full of love, intelligent and intuitive. I felt unconditionally loved and accepted, received as I am with no judgement. She skilfully tuned into where I was and what I needed and offered specific practical advice, rather than vague suggestions.  It is a privilege to meet her and be immersed in her energy field. Go to her if you can."

"Gauri shares a pure unconditional love with everyone she meets that is as fluid as water yet as solid as rock, a love that is as light as thistledown but as strong as steel. One becomes totally refreshed after a one to one session with Gauri. Sharing moments with Gauri ones problems, worries and disappointments fade into insignificance, Gauri refreshes the mind and relaxes the body , ones heart feels lighter, ones step becomes more confident and one becomes at peace with the world. I thoroughly recommend a series of one to one Tantric Therapy Sessions with Gauri"

"Thank you soo much for this morning, it was just what I needed, your energy and calmness is amazing, that was the first time ever that I felt the transference of heat up my through my body and I really felt my body dissolve... just amazing"

"Love, Thank you for yesterday from the bottom of my big but fragile heart, thank you for loving me as I am, it was such a tender and precious time to just be with you but to learn from your feminine wisdom.."

"I felt so loved and seen and it feels good to reconnect with myself in a safe held space.."

"Thank you so much for such an amazingly peaceful yet powerful afternoon... there was definitely a gentle inner strength that left me calm and capable...I feel very blessed to have spent that close time with you, thank you for enabling such movement!... I have been left feeling very joyful, light and relaxed. The blocks surrounding my body lifted, I hope to keep them lifted"

"What a beautiful time! I was touched by how honest it felt and at the depth of the wounds of the feminine. I could relate to so much... So honoured to have met and connected with you; thank you goddess" 

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing evening. I had such a wonderful time with such beautiful people. Today I have a spring in my step, i'm singing as I walk down the street and I'm smiling at everyone. I also have a very happy heart." 

"Gauri is a wonderful person. She is warm, empathic and great at holding a safe space for you to explore different parts of yourself in movement, meditation and relationship. Thank you for all the wonderful work we did together. It was very transformative" 

"I wanted to say thank-you again for holding such a delightful space .... I have boundless gratitude for the beautiful souls such as yourself who put yourselves out there to manifest these spaces where I can feel a little less scared by the world than I normally do, and to experience myself more fully.  Words alone cannot convey the thanks I feel for you"

"Thanks for a lovely heart felt space, full of playful exploration, trust and respect."

"By being naked, open, vulnerable yet unashamed, we can open ourselves to deep relaxation through meditation and to the joyful acceptance of our naked selves. By closing our eyes during the meditation we do not feel ourselves subject to the gaze and judgement by others. We are all wonderful compassionate human beings and our fellow meditators too are naked, just like ourselves, and they are mirrors to ourselves, whether male or female. We open ourselves to a deep connection with our inner being and open to joy. Nudity is used only as an agent for each individual journey and experience and if we want to we can stay clothed but in the end we find that clothes are a hindrance and we can let go of our conditioned dependence on them. By being naked, we are in a state of grace and peace and we let go of the unimportant but open ourselves to the possibility of love and inner compassion, learning to love ourselves and those within the group and express our compassion for humanity. In the end we let ourselves be free. With our eyes open at the end of the meditation, with our shared common nudity, we realise we are just loving human beings who have regard to true inner beauty and not to the shallow regard for external physical appearance." 

"Thank you... I felt calm and serene at the end.  It was good to share the experience, and the love, with the group, and the lack of clothing served to remove all barriers and pretence and allowed us all to be vulnerable and trusting in each other's presence.  I have done meditations many times before, but you took me somewhere very special last night... as soon as I got back to the car, I undressed again and drove back home naked.  It felt so good.  It was almost as if the session hadn't ended"

"Through her presence, the setting she created and the people she gathered together Gauri created a sacred space and time. The nudity elevated the sense of liminality and felt symbolic of the vulnerability and openness the practice aimed successfully to cultivate. The guided meditation and movements transmuted the nervous energy generated by the atypical situation into heart energy. This was assisted by combining it with grounding energy from the earth and cosmic energy from above. The lack of clothes gave a heightened sense of body awareness, freedom and receptivity. The majority of the session was spent eyes closed so as to focus on internal physical and emotional shifts. I left feeling both more grounded and vibrating on a higher frequency. Over all a wonderful experience."

"I just want to say thank you again for the sessions you led in the morning and also for the dance session in the evening but it is the former I want to concentrate on. I had many wonderful experiences throughout the festival but the most precious was the journey through those mornings. You gave clear instructions and guidance and led with confidence and ease in a way that was lightly but firmly steered. You were also appropriately professional providing all that you offer even when few were there. I have for all my life felt almost completely disconnected from my body but in recent times have come to see this is the case and that this is unnatural. The sessions helped me to build a sense of connection and the bridge my body offers between earth and heaven. I also felt one time that as I drew my hands up from the earth at around knee level it was like drawing your hands out of water in a shallow pool and I understood that the earth too has an aura. A observation.... So in summary I walked each morning from mountain to mountain top and left the cabin each morning feeling I was walking on air.... I hope at some point I may be again privileged to access the enabling you provide. As Osho said deep down we are all of us connected. With overflowing thanks," (A participant from the Osho Leela Conscious Sexuality Festival In which I held Naked Yoga Meditations in the mornings and a Naked Movement one evening)