mindful movement and therapeutic services for young people 

Gauri is currently on maternity leave, still taking enquiries but not holding any sessions until at least june 2019. 

 Mindful Movement is a practise Gauri is offering to young people age between 11-18. In schools, youth clubs or privately for groups of 3-12 young people.

Sessions are about bringing attention into the bodily sensations and becoming more aware of the physical body, relaxing and relieving tensions. There is also an emphasis on emotions and how emotion is felt in the body -Emotional awareness is increased, emotions are then understood to a deeper level, and much more manageable for this transformational time of puberty.  Time is spent on feeling inside the body, how energy moves through our central channel along our spine. We are also having time for releasing stress and tension through shaking the body and sounding (expression with the voice, and surrendering to the holding of the earth. By opening a space for this type of free movement and expression to young people we can help to alleviate some of the self consciousness, and tension young people can feel around their bodies and emotions. 

We begin in circle and come back together in circle throughout the session for any sharing and discussion. This creates an atmosphere of uniting. There will also be exercises on connection as a group which circle helps to create. 

We work together to create trust in the group. Gauri specifically will discuss not talking about others in the group, what anyone might witness of another, outside of the group so to create a safe space. The clear intention to bring a deeper openness and full acceptance of ourselves and each other exactly as we are, without having to be a certain way will be brought into the session and discussed openly. 

Walking Meditation is a practice we can use to go deeply into the body, guidance is given to take the attention down into different body parts- body scanning. Slowing down all of the movement. More body parts are introduced to bring in a deeper experience. Not just feeling into the energy inside the body but feeling into the space inside and around the body. Slowing down all the movement to become aware of the whole process of that movement and how the sensations really feel.

The practice is working on strengthening concentration. Bringing clear Intention into focusing the mind, with an Attitude of curiosity and kindness. We start the process by simply concentrating on the breathing and what that moves in the body, the sensations of that movement. It is a bridge to connection of mind and body and a gateway to spirit, our deeper selves, a deeper experience of ourselves. Unfortunately not a natural thing we get taught to do in our culture. Re-connecting young people with their vitality, the source of their energy and their ability to be expressive, natural, inspired beings is extremely important in this time of disconnection.

We work with emotional expression too, Gauri uses the elements to have a focus for each session (when a series of sessions are booked), each session also connecting to a particular feeling/ emotion associated with that element. Giving students a permission to go into expressing emotion in a healthy held way, not being impulsive and out of control. This practise allows them to flow with their emotions naturally, not needing to suppress anything (and then explode later). It provides a space to understand emotion in a deeper way,  by getting in touch with what the sensation is inside the body. How to give it attention and therefore help it to dissolve.

The intention is also to help students connect with each other, be inspired by each others movements and be creative with their own expression through their body. Allowing an experience for them to be free from judgements and self consciousness, to be in a space of Love, acceptance and Freedom. 

If you are interested in Gauri coming to your establishment, school, or youth group please contact her for more details.

Relating Therapy for young people

Gauri is also offering the opportunity for young people to have one-to-one sessions to provide a space of trust, love and support away from pressures of family or school. Allowing the client to fully be accepted in whatever their expression needs to be and feel held, be in a space to fully receive the attention, support and openness they need, without being judged or told they must be a certain way. A help for any teenager going through the deepest transition in their bodies, hearts and minds. An encouragement to be in healthy authentic expression and guidance for emotional awareness, understanding and release.

A safe space to enquire about sexuality, connection and relating. A space to dissolve anxieties and encourage self love, self knowing and trust in life. 

A series of sessions is preferred to build trust. 

Parents or young people please contact Gauri directly to connect and ask for further information. 

Gauri has a full CRB clearing that can be seen online.