Tantric Therapy

"I was very much drawn to the work that Gauri facilitates in Glastonbury.

Her authentic calling and love for her work is obvious from the moment you meet her.

Be prepared for sessions like none you have ever experienced...sessions simply flow from initial conversation to deep connection and healing.

Gauri asks nothing more of you than to be present and be yourself....from there she will meet you in a place of connection, intimacy and love.

A beautiful, fresh approach, which is totally unique and nourishing to the soul."


Gauri is now offering private sessions of Tantric Therapy. For both Males and females.  A great opportunity if you want to work on any of the following: confidence, self love, relating, communication, libido, relationships, boundaries, attracting what you want, finding what you want, getting out of a rut, negative body image, difficulty experiencing sexual pleasure, problems around intimacy, deepening into your spiritual path, and bringing tantra (uniting in consciousness) into your everyday world.  We will work on creating intimacy and connection between us, Gauri offers a deeply safe and trusting space for sharing and reflection, guided movement and meditation, breath work, conscious touch, a space for exploring physical and emotional intimacy through embodying emotion, emotional release practices, bodily contact, mothering nurture, energy and body work. as well as Clearing unconscious blocks inthe family system through family constellations. This is an intimacy training, bringing an opportunity to experience more trust and love with yourself, your family, friends, lovers, and colleagues.

From her experience Gauri has so much to share. Working in the sacred space of her treatment room in Glastonbury. Gauri intends to bring a depth of awareness and presence to the Heart, intuitively creating a deeply relaxing space to feel and be accepted in whatever experience needs to come through. We share and reflect and be in the space together, opening our inner world to uncover blocks and fears, and how to work on that. Together exploring the depths of sensations of feelings and emotions. Holding a safe and sacred space for internal journeying through guided movement and meditation. A space for you to find your own ways to tune in deeper to yourself and the oneness of us all, releasing fears, and transforming into love. Opening to deeper intimacy at your own pace, conscious touch and body work only when your ready, if its what feels right for us both, there are many ways for working on relationship and sexual healing. This is a space for you to be deeply nurtured, explore connection to the feminine and receive Love, allowing Love to flow to you everywhere in your life.

Gauri provides an extremely safe and accepting space of Love, support and nurture. Through her psychology background and depth of spiritual understanding. Gauri is a unique therapist- integrating Tantra, Family Constellations, Bodywork and other Psychotherapy techniques to form a deeply healing and trusting relationship and a space of Love. Clients can surrender into themselves and find whats holding them back on deeper levels, and really begin to apply change and transformation into how they live their lives.

Price - £70 Per Hour  *Sessions are 2 hours  (which means payment is £140 per 2 hour session).

If there are concerns about the cost but you are feeling deeply called to this work, please still contact me and we can discuss it. 

Gauri is not offering standard Tantric Massage,  a series of sessions is advised. Please contact Gauri with your intentions and previous experience if you feel called to this work.

*Gauri asks for a £70 deposit when booking a session. This deposit is then non transferable or refundable for any cancellation within 72 hours of the arranged appointment unless re-arrangement is possible to be within a few days of the original appointment. By giving the deposit clients agree to this policy. The deposit usually stays rolling over between sessions, and used as half the payment for on your final session.